BIYOMAP Protection Bag

BIYOMAP Protection Bag

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BIYOMAP Protection Bag

These BIYOMAP cases were designed with artists in mind.  
  • A thoughtful solution for safely storing and transporting your works of art
  • Space saving, dust free, water resistant, acid-free and scratch-proof
  • Clear exterior accessory pocket
  • Reusable and recyclable fabric


  • Keep the painting hanging on the wall and wrap it with the Biyomap from beneath. Lift the painting and the Biyomap all together from the wall. Ready to go!
  • Do you have a landscape format painting, just use two Biyomaps. Wrap the painting with one Biyomap on each side and attach with the velcro straps.
  • The Biyomap can be used for sending as well.

VIDEO: How to use your BIYOMAP Protection Bag.

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