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Copic Markers, Sketch & Ciao Collection Australia

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Copic Markers


Copic Markers are the highest quality marker brand on the market, and is frequently used by professional artists.

And now you can purchase Copic Markers in Australia through our online store Arts and Crafts Supplies Online Australia.  We ship nation-wide and around the world too.

To compare these markers to a more familiar medium, they are in some ways similar to paint.  That’s because the application is very smooth, the ink doesn’t bleed, and the colours blend well.

They provide the coverage of paint with the accuracy and convenience of coloured pencils.

If using a high-quality paper, it’s even possible to put down several layers before the paper starts to resist the ink.

“But they’re just markers,” those unfamiliar with the medium might say.

Well, if used by a skilled artist, they can provide incredible results.

Copic Original is a basic marker with a broad tip on one side and a fine tip on the other, and is more or less like most markers you’ve seen.

This type is much better suited for basic crafts than it is for complex drawings.

The most popular style by far is the Copic Sketch.  This, like the Original, has a broad tip on one side, but features a brush tip on the other.

These are ideal for fine art, and are the choice of most (if not all) professional artists adept in the marker medium.

Copic Ciao is, in essence, a cheaper version of the Sketch. However, it does not hold as much ink, is not available in as many colours, and cannot connect to the Copic airbrush system.

Ciao markers also are cylindrical and therefore less comfortable to hold, and they do not have colour names printed on top (you have no idea how convenient this becomes).

Although, if you need a rarely-used colour or want to take some Copics for a test run, Ciao is an acceptable and economic option. But if you are looking for the best long-term investment, Copic Sketch is the way to go.

Copic Wide is exactly what it sounds like: a marker with a very broad tip. While great for backgrounds and large areas, these markers suck up a lot of ink, and the colour options are limited.

Refills, paper, blending cards, books and storage are available.

In short, a Copic Marker has:

  • Replaceable nibs
  • Refillable ink
  • 214 Colours
  • Medium broad nib for thick strokes
  • Square body for easy grip and no rolling
  • Standard fine nib for thin strokes


What is a Copic marker?

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