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Crafter's Companion - Gemini - 3D Embossing Folder - Ornate Lace


Crafter's Companion - Gemini - 3D Embossing Folder - Ornate Lace

  • One folder to make a 3D lace effect
  • Measures 5" x 7"
  • Ideal for creating beautiful backgrounds
  • Create unbeatable dimension and add stunning texture to your papercraft projects with  Textured 3D Embossing Folders!With the Ornate Lace 3D Embossing Folder, you'll be able to create the effect of delicate lace with elegant swirls and filigrees.All you need to do is place your chosen card or paperstock inside the folder, sandwich the folder between two cutting plates and roll the whole thing through your die-cutting machine to achieve an incredible 3D effect. This can then be inked or gilded for an even more eye-catching look, so it's a highly versatile piece of equipment for your collection.To take this folder even further, you could use it to emboss your paper, then die-cut intricate shapes from it. This will give your projects incredible depth and texture!
  • Our embossing folders work perfectly with most leading brand of die cut embossing machines.

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