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Creative PL Colouring Rolls & Scratch Art Rolls


Creative PL Colouring Roll & Scratch Art Rolls

Each set is roll is sold separately
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Creative PL Scratch Art Rolls

Enjoy hours of fun with your kids or on their own with these fun Creative PL Colouring & Scratch Arts Rolls

Colouring Art Rolls

Each pack includes on 3 meter x 30 cm high roll.

Use with crayons, paints, markers, colour pencils or a mixture of all.

There are 3 different subjects

  • Dinosaur Land
  • Farm Life
  • Fantasyland

Scratch Art Rolls

Scratch away to reveal the beautiful hidden illustrations

Each pack includes on 3 meter x 30 cm high roll.

There are 3 different subjects

  • Jungle World 
  • Outer Space
  • Mermaid Place

What is scratch art?

Scratch Art is also known as Artfoil, Foil Art or Engraving Art. It is a creative activity where you can craft a beautiful picture using a scraper tool. Each Artfoil project comes with a scraper tool and a scratch art picture, this is a board that is covered with a black ink layer.

Suitable for children 6 and up

Part of our Creative Active Kids Collection