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Craft Buddy - Disney Crystal Card Kits - 8 Kits to choose from!


Craft Buddy - Disney Cristal Card Kit

Each kit is sold separately.
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  • Crystal Art Cards are craft kits, suitable for children and adults, which enable you to make your own sparkly and beautiful greeting cards using the relaxing and enjoyable Crystal Art technique, which is also known as “diamond painting”.
  • Each card design has a numbered, adhesive template. Using the handy pick up pen(included), simply lift up the coloured crystals and place them on the corresponding numbered dots on your project.
  • The crystals affix instantly! Once you’ve finished adding all the crystals, the result is a beautiful piece of gloriously sparkly art which you can gift to loved ones on special occasions, or use as a home decoration.
  • Making a Crystal Art Card takes 45 minutes to 2 hours.
  • The activity is satisfying and can be addictive!  
  • They are suitable for ages 8 and up.


  • This card is 18 x 18cm in size.

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