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Copic Ciao Set 12 Starter & Illustration Book


Copic CIAO Set 12 Starter & Illustration Book

A curated set of 12 markers bundled with a guide book as to help you learn how to use Copic markers.

The book takes you from zero to gradually master your coloring skills and character illustration techniques.

The book was developed in partnership with the popular illustrator Babiry and instantly became a bestseller in Japan, in addition it has been adopted as a textbook in some domestic Manga schools.

The colors included is all you need to try out various techniques and to complete the practice sheets.

Copic Ciao, the ideal introductory graphic marker.

Its double ended design features a flexible Super Brush nib and a Medium Broad nib for expressive strokes, building tone, blending colors, shading, finer details and lines, and large streak free coverage.

Refillable, replaceable nibs, ultra blendable and made with the highest grade of expertly formulated alcohol and dye-based inks.

Included in this set :

1. Copic Ciao 12 colors starter set
2. Guidebook - Start with 12 colors ! Copic Illustration for Beginners , includes
     two Linearts for colouring.