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Carl Brands

Carl Brands

This is the simple desire to make our customers satisfied. The pure Spirit of Inquiry. A Commitment to quality. CARL DNA has a pulsating flow. Genes of manufacturing spur us to deliver products with certain quality to our customers.

Everything we do is to deliver quality to our customers. Established in 1999, CARL MFG. USA, Inc. offers a broad range of Paper Trimmers, Paper Punching Systems and Personal Security Products. A Japan based company since 1929, CARL has been designing cutting edge products for use in the office, home and school environments for over 70 years....

CARL has been designing paper hole punch products since 1949. They started to produce small paper hole punches using press-steel plate technology, which was unusual at that time. We constantly pursue technical innovation and the best quality to meet our customer's needs. In response to high demand, the "Heavy-Duty Punch" was launched in 1981. In 1982, to deal with diversifying formats, "Gauge Punch" was launched. The innovative multi-hole punch "Glisser" was launched in 1994. The universal design and ultimate punch "XP-4" was launched in 2005.

The ever-intensifying CARL DNA. It enhances the historical value.

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