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Zentangle Art Therapy - Meditative Drawing - By Anya Lothrop


Zentangle Art Therapy - Meditative Drawing to reduce stress, increase wellbeing and enhance relation - Anya Lothrop

Zentangle Art Therapy offers a wonderful introduction to those new to Zentangle and covers the tools required and the basic techniques to get started. Simple patterns including baseline, fillers, ribbons and borders offer a foundation to explore more complex, three dimensional designs and ways to further enhance the readers creations using shading and colour. The book is full of inspirational artwork to give the reader a taste of the endless possibilities.


  • Anya Lothrop is a certified Zentangle Teacher and would like to invite the reader to feel the flow, release their potential and explore this elegant artistry. The reader will find creative expression and create a treasured piece of art in an empowering and uplifting way. The benefits of Zentangle Art Therapy include reduced stress, increased wellbeing and enhanced relaxation.


  • With Zentangle, you combine creating beautiful pieces of art with relaxing.
  • In a meditative way, you draw patterns and structures, which form a surprising result. In this process there are no mistakes, only new directions.
  • With the Zentangle method, you draw patterns on small pieces of paper which you can then combine.
  • You do not plan what your art will look like in advance. Instead, you allow yourself to be led by the moment.
  • You turn the paper, holding the pencil in a relaxed way. While drawing, you reach a state comparable to meditation.
  • A soothing calmness soon descends upon you. An eraser is deliberately not included in the Zentangle package.
  • If a line turns out different than expected, in this method it is seen as an opportunity.
  • That is what makes Zentangle so calming: you never have to worry about the outcome.
  • With Zentangle, creating art is within everyone’s reach.
  • With Zentangle, you do not need years of practice before you can create something beautiful.
  • Everyone, regardless of experience, age or skill can do it.
  • It may be easy to do, but that doesn’t mean the results are simple. To the contrary, you create splendid, intricate works of art.

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