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BIC Kids - Kid Couleur


BIC Kids - Kid Couleur


  • With a rainbow of eye-catching colours, they can create intensely colourful and vivid artwork. This cardboard wallet contains 18 pens
  • Designed with a fixed medium nib that never caves under pressure
  • These felt tip pens are designed to be used by kids 5 and up for everyday projects
  • The medium tip provides easy coverage and good precision to help develop their drawing skills
  • The BIC Kids product range offers colouring tools specially designed to be easy for kids to use, help them grow and keep them safe.
  • This cardboard wallet contains 18 felt-tip colouring pens in assorted colours. 
  • They come in 18 bright colours for high-contrast drawings that pop off the page.
  • Designed with a fixed medium nib that doesn't get pushed in with use, they can be used extensively for both intricate outlining and high-volume colouring.
  • Never fret if kids draw on themselves, these colouring felt tips are super washable on skin and most fabrics.
  • Dependable and durable Kid Couleur felt tip pens are made at BIC's plants based on time-honoured knowledge.
  • You can thank the Kid Couleur felt tips, of course.
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    BIC Kids - Kid Couleur