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Barco - Red Label Powder Food Colour Paint or Dust


Barco - Lilac Label Paint or Dust

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Barco - Red Label Powder Food Colour Paint Or Dust
  • Uses:
  • Colour: Ideal for colouring products containing fats and oils or items lacking sufficient moisture to dissolve dyes i.e. chocolate. Typical uses include chocolate, cake and doughnut batters, hard candies and chewing gums, lipsticks, soaps, shampoos, talc, fondant, butter icing, beverages, candy floss, meringues, royal icing, pastilage, baked goods, gelatin balls and glaze for glazed cakes, confections, eyeshadow and a variety of other products. 
  • Paint: It can also be mixed into Quick Paint, Paint Base, or pure lemon extract and used as a paint to paint onto fondant, gelatin balls and chocolates.
  • Dust: Used to dry brush colour onto gum paste or fondant designs.

  • Method:
  • Colour: Add the powder directly to the chocolate, fondant, batter, butter icing etc and mix/blend/knead through thoroughly till the desired colour is achieved.
  • Paint: In a small bowl, mix equal parts Red Label Pigment and Quick Paint, Paint Base (for painting on chocolate or fondant) or pure lemon extract. Mix thoroughly before painting and stir often as it continuously settles to the bottom. Or If you need to paint more than one layer for even coverage allow each coat to dry completely before starting a new one. 
  • Dust: Dab the paintbrush into the pigment and tip excess off. Test the colour by brushing in a circular motion on a paper towel. If it is correct, do the same on the fondant or gum paste designs you want to add colour to. Ideal for sugarcraft flowers etc. Or for fine details, a small round head brush works best. For larger areas, use a wider, flatter brush even the big round brush, used to apply blusher. 

  • Warning:
  • It is advised that these powders must be blended into a neutral ph product as an acidic environment will denature some of the colours. I.E. Purple will stay or become a dull blue over time, Brown and Black will become greenish. 
  • Some colours such as the Reds, Purples, Black and often Brown develops to a darker shade over time. Give these colours at least two hours to develop after it was mixed into products such as fondant, butter/royal icing etc before use. Reds become redder, purples deeper.

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