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Art by Marlene


Art By Marlene

AboutI was born in South Africa and emigrated to the Netherlands in 2002 after marrying my DUTCH  husband. We have  2 lovely teenagers, Charlize and Fabian.  Together we live in a small coastal town in the northern part of The Netherlands.

I am a mixed media Artist, Art JOurnaler and Product Designer.

I am a signature  designer for different craft companies : Studio Light, The Crafters Workshop, Artfoamies and Grafixarts. I just love making designs that people can use in their art!

Art journaling is something I do  daily and in my experience, it brightens up the darkest  day.  I try to work in several art styles, not limiting myself to man set borders. I believe that it is part of my creative freedom to explore all styles that I like and that it broadens not only my view of art, but the all over experience too.

My artistic trademark is my use of bright & happy colours , my Whimsical style and the decorative   details I use.  My work is full of layers, movement, vibrant colors and lots of contrast!

Having worked exclusively as an acrylic artist for several years before entering The arts & Crafts world,  My art can be found in Private collections in England, south africa, australia, argentina, u.s.a, canada, germany, namibie, kuwait, u.a.e. and Holland. 

In 2016 and 2017 I Tutored  about 120 art journaling and playfull painting classes on a yearly base. In 2018 it will be slichtly less, but teaching remains an important part of my creative journey.

I am proud to be a guest tutor in several e-courses and being able to represent gel press as an artist educater.



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