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Art By Marlene 4.0 - Rice Paper A4 #01


Art By Marlene 4.0 - Rice Paper A4 #01

  • Printed with a lovely range of Marlene's designs and imagery, Art By Marlene A4 Rice Paper (8 1/4" x 11 3/4") can be adhered to a variety of surfaces (paper, glass, metal, canvas, wood) allowing you to create all manner of beautiful things.
  • You can cut or tear the image from the sheet and apply in a single layer, then embellish with our Chipboard Shapes, Watercolor Art Parts, charms, etc.
  • Adding a touch of glimmer with Stickles, Liquid Pearls, Inka Gold, etc. ratchets up the wow factor. Get really creative and layer the images for an entirely different look! Be sure to use an adhesive suitable for the surface you’re applying the images to.
  • Made in The Netherlands.

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