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Altenew - Crisp Inks Pads, Spray, Markers and Accessories

Crisk Inks and Markers By Altenew

Altenew is a leader in the inspiration industry who aims to provide the best paper-based stencils with beautiful, natural and diverse designs. No doubt, handmade, customised, and meaningful touches on a handcrafted scrapbook or card page are perfect for special people in our lives. The company is proud to offer items that encourage exciting designs and projects while boosting your imagination. Crafting is a great part-time hobby for children and beginners who're exploring their creativity. 

Creative Craft with Altenew Stamps and Dies

Crafters always strive to give the most with their creative abilities, and choosing the right products is best to be done through Arts and Crafts. Our Altenew stamps and dies are intended to work perfectly with other offered stamp sets for maximum crafting comfort and capability. In synergy with the Altenew Stencils collection, you can blend crisp dye inks or splashes of colour to create unique patterns. These stencils allow you to create a beautiful atmosphere for your designs. Browse stamp options, stickers, and crafting materials at Arts and Crafts Supplies Online to get the necessary tools to achieve long-lasting results.

Kids and Kids at Heart Will Love Amateur and Professional Crafters Will Love

Jump off at Arts and Crafts Altenew mini collection. These cute stamp bundles and designs offer a lot of small designs and patterns for you to utilise. With the use of a die cutting machine, you'll surely embrace your creativity. Altenew ensures that you will find something in their products that will help you make a spectacular difference in someone's life. Our Altenew’s baroque motifs stamps are perfect for ink blending tools and will satisfy your creative needs. These stencils are a big help for school artwork projects and hand-made gifts for your loved ones.

Colours in Water

People love to see watercolour effects on the cards they receive or use it for colouring and painting projects. You can create spectacular watercolour effects with our Altenew woodless watercolour pencils. This collection has a vast array of 25 lovely, vibrant colours and is ready to be used as soon as you open the box. Altenew offers the full spectrum of the rainbow and Earth tones in stunning colours, fully prepared for mixing and layering to get the final effect you want!

If You Love It - Craft It!

There’re so many beautiful vibrant and saturated colours to choose from across the market. If you want to become a pro, choose from Arts and Crafts Supplies Altenew collections. Make every gift a memorable one, handmade and unique, and done with passion. It is not always about the price, but it is the attention that counts. If roses are pricey, make one with your own crafting ideas and creativity. You can create bamboo rose stamps as roses and leaves in this collection have a particular stroke line to look like they’ve been made with bamboo sticks and sculptured by hand. 

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Browse Arts and Crafts Altenew product range online. We offer high-quality designs and stamps with FREE shipping cost for orders over $50 within Australia. Feel free to contact and email us for your orders and queries, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to enjoy our weekly specials!

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