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Aleene's - Fabric Fusion Permanent Tape - ⅝ "


Aleene's - Fabric Fusion Permanent Tape - ⅝ "

  • Whether you know how to sew and don’t have time, or have never picked up a needle and thread in your life, Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric
  • Tape is an easy alternative! Just press in place for instant, permanent hold that’s great for creating hems and so much more.
  • This instant fabric tape adheres a variety of fabrics without heat setting for a permanent bond that remains flexible, even after washing (yes, you can wash it!) – so your fabrics move with you, not against you.


  • Double-sided adhesive tape that permanently adheres to fabrics
  • 20-ft. long roll No heat setting required
  • Stays flexible Machine washable with cold water
  • Use extra tape when working with heavier fabrics
  • Great for creating instant hems! -

The glue works best on:

Lightweight materials – cotton, silk, nylon


    1. Pre-wash fabric, do not use fabric softener.
    2. Turn garment inside out to expose hem.
    3. Measure and press new hem into fabric.
    4. Place tape inside new hem.
    5. Peel off liner and press firmly into fabric to adhere. 

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    Aleene's - Fabric Fusion Permanent Tape - ⅝ "Aleene's - Fabric Fusion Permanent Tape - ⅝ "