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X-Press It Tripple Tac Canvas Transfer

Posted on April 25 2020

X-Press It Tripple Tac Canvas Transfer

X-Press It Tripple Tac Canvas Transfer

Shared from: X-Press Graph-X Blog        Date: 14 April 2020


What you will need:

Step 1: Apply a generous coat of TripleTac to the surface that you are transferring the image onto. Images printed from a laser printer or patterned paper will give the best results.

Step 2: Place the image onto the coated surface face-down & allow to dry. (24 hours is recommended)

Step 3: Using a small amount of water, gently rub the back of the paper with a wet finger or cloth, until the paper starts to pill. Continue wetting & rubbing, until the image is revealed. To avoid patchy results, take care not to rub too much in one area.

Step 4: Apply a second coat of TripleTac, to seal the image. Allow to dry. (24 hours is recommended). Your TripleTac Canvas is now completed and ready to be displayed.

"A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever!"


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