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WOW! Embossing Powder - Quick Sparkle Tags Tutorial

Posted on October 25 2019

WOW! Embossing Powder - Quick Sparkle Tags Tutorial

WOW! Embossing Powder - Quick Sparkle Tags Tutorial 

Posted by Verity Biddlecombe on October 24, 2019

Hello, it's Verity with another video and blog post as a Creative team member for WOW! It's that time of year where we crafters need to start making our Christmas cards and tags as the time will creep up on us. 

Well today, I'm showing you three ways to create quick sparkle Christmas tags that will look amazing hen adorning your beautifully wrapped gifts. They are perfect for making multiples of the same time, so if you prefer to bulk make your tags these may just be right up your street.

 Quick Sparkle Xmas Tags VIDEO:

Quick Sparkle Xmas Tags written tutorial:

  • For the first trio of tags, I'm using double-sided tape to adhere the sparkles down. I've trimmed a piece of Kraft card down to A5 and placing strips of the double-sided tape horizontally across the card.  To add a little more interest to tags, I'm using two widths of tape -1/4" and 1/8" wide. You can keep it simple by just using one width if you prefer.

  • For these tags, I'm using the Celebration Sparkles which is a mix of different size Gold sparkles.  Now you'll want to put lots of paper underneath your card to catch glitter that comes off. Start by removing the release paper before pouring the sparkle pot over the top. You can either do this with your finger or a tool like a bone folder but want to just press the glitter into the tape and really burnish it.  
  • Now, go in with the silver mix for the remaining strips to give a lovely classic silver and gold colour combination. Just repeat the same steps of removing the release paper and cover with the Girls Best Friend Sparkles.  Again, once all the strips are covered,  just use your bone folder to really burnish the glitter into the tape.
  • The second method is very similar but uses double-sided adhesive sheets allowing you to customise the width or even shape as you can die cut a shape and adhere this to the tag. 
  • For these tags,  trim the sheet down into thin and thick strips, making sure you get a variety in widths. This time, position the strips on a diagonal across a piece of kraft card. 
  • For the Sparkles on this card I've used Prom Queen - this is a lovely fine pink glitter with chunky silver glitter intermixed. Again, remove the release paper on the stick it! Adhesive strips pouring the sparkles over the top. With the same process, you just want to make sure you burnish the glitter down into the adhesive to make sure it doesn't shed. I've also used the girls best friends sparkles on this card, as it ties in beautifully with the chunky silver glitter in the Prom Queen sparkles.
  • For the last trio of tags, I'm using one of the colour blend powders and all though there's no glitter in it as this one isn't an embossing glitter it still has shine from the metallics in the mix.
  • These tags were the quickest to make as they are so simple. Using your Clear Ultra slow drying embossing pad, use the direct to paper method to apply ink to the bottom of a kraft card panel.  Next, cover with the Queen of Hearts embossing powder and heat set. What I love with this powder, is as you heat it up those big chunky bits of powder melt and blend with the colours around it giving a lovely marbling look to the surface. You may wish to add a couple of layers of the powder to the tag to get good coverage as well as a smooth surface.
  • For the gold and silver tags, heat emboss in Opaque bright white onto black card 'Wish you a Merry Christmas'. This comes from the Catherine Pooler Merry Christmas Angel stamp set. These were trimmed into thin strips and foam mounted onto the tags. 
  • For the last trio of tags, heat emboss in white the sentiment from the Altenew 'Sweet Season' stamp set, again foam mounting these onto the tags.
  • These tags were so quick and easy to make but really make an impact because of all the sparkle and shine they have. There is a whole host of colours in the sparkles range so no matter on your colour scheme for your gift wrapping, you're bound to find a sparkle to suit!


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