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Paint, perform, and doodle your way through the Jewish Holidays!

Posted by Galy OConnor on

Paint, perform, and doodle your way through the Jewish holidays!

Guide your students through a process of unlocking the meaning of each holiday and its values through artistic projects and concepts. 

Make drawing in response to hearing the shofar; create a nature collage for Tu BiShevat; act out the movement of a lulav.

Make, Create, Celebrate uses art as a way to help students connect with the underlying values of the holidays in a personal way, free from explaining the how-tos of each holiday.

Not an artist? Don't worry about it! These projects are about self-expression and ideas, and therefore, are for everyone. By the time students have compelte the holiday cycle, they will have created a portfolio full of their own work reflecting Jewish values.


  • Gallery Tour: More than 15 beautiful, full-color images of contemporary and historical artworks with accompanying reflection questions.
  • About Art: Explanations of art techniques
  • Good to Know: Fun facts about the holidays
  • Think About: Prompts and thoughtful questions that help learners apply their art experiences to the Jewish holidays
  • Artist Statements: Space for students to write and reflect about their own work
  • Peer Reviews: Opportunities for students to share their work with friends, and give and receive feedback.
  • Video Links: Links to online, original videos by the author, Julie Wohl, that demonstrate activities within the source.

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