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Sizzix Crepe Paper Rose

Posted on July 02 2021

Sizzix Crepe Paper Rose

Sizzix Crepe Paper Rose

By Jessica Slack for Sizzix Blog

To celebrate our brand new crepe paper and floral dies being released, I wanted to show you guys step by step of how to construct a Sizzix crepe paper flower! Along with tips on how to shade, sculpt and manipulate the crepe paper to make a gorgeous, realistic looking flower than can be used for many different projects from a full bouquet to a gift wrap embellishment.

You Will Need...

1. To make the Sizzix Crepe Paper Rose, die cut the multiple petal sizes from a medium pink coloured crepe paper making sure the grain of crepe paper runs from top to bottom of the die cut.

Sizzix Crepe Paper Rose

2. Use the hibiscus creamy acrylic paint and a paintbrush to add shading to each petal ensuring that the paper does not get too wet otherwise it will distort slightly.

3. After letting the petals fully dry you can now take each petal and use the fold and form tool to curve the toped of each petal back. You can then gently pull the petals using your thumbs to create a cup shape to each petal.
Sizzix Crepe Paper Rose
4. Cut a small oval from the crepe paper and cover a medium sized bead (wooden or polystyrene) by stretching the crepe paper over the bead and securing inlace with hot glue. Use this time to secure the stem to the bead also.
Sizzix Crepe Paper RoseSizzix Crepe Paper Rose
5. Adhere the petals to the bead using a hot glue gun making sure to work from small to large petals.
Sizzix Crepe Paper Rose
6. Die cut the leaf and foliage elements from green crepe paper.
Sizzix Crepe Paper Rose
7. Adhere the foliage element and leaf die cuts to the base of the rose using hot glue.
Sizzix Crepe Paper Rose
8. Attach the finished rose to the top of a gift box (trim the wire stem if you are doing this step.)
Thank you for reading this blog, we hope to have inspired you for the creation of the Sizzix Crepe Paper Rose!
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