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Guide to Color Swatches Combo (Cheat Sheets)

Posted on August 14 2018

Color Swatches Combo (Cheat Sheets)

Guide to Color Swatches Combo (Cheat Sheets)

In this video, Waffle Flower product designer Nina shares her tips and tricks on using the guide to Color Swatches Combo.

Also showing in this video are:

  • 0'19" - Basic Stamping Kit (Great for 2x3 Swatch Stamp Set)
  • 1'01" - Using a MISTI with the Color Swatches Stamp Set
  • 1'55" - What do the numbers listed below the Swatch Grids mean?
  • 2'16" - What does recommended paper size mean?
  • 2'30" - Using the first 4 columns for quick references.
  • 3'11" - What can the matching dies cutout.
  • 4'12" - How to assemble the layout chart for a 18-well airtight palette
  • 4'36" - How to use the Spacers A, B and C
  • 5'15" - How to stamp a 72-swatch chart using the MISTI & Spacer B

Waffel Flower Color Swatches Combo (Cheat Sheets)




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