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Fabric Arts.... the sky is your limit .. and here comes Glass

Posted on April 17 2018

Fabric Arts.... the sky is your limit .. and here comes Glass

Arts and Crafts are not only meant for paper...

We are Arts and Crafts Supplies Online - Australia are at all times looking for products which will satisfy the most diverse enthusiasts 

Whether fabric, glass, wood, leather, wire, foam and many others we shall bring it to you...if there are items you want...let us know...just write me a message...I will always answer...always look and always find :-)

Under themes we have the first of many diverse arts and crafts categories - Fabric Arts 

We have Versacraft mini stamp pads, Fabrico Markers (larger ones are on the way), All purpose Inks & Fantastix.


Glass art is the next and soon to land on our shores in Color Box Glass Graffiti as well as many other this can pre-order today...should arrive in about 10 days

Some of the products available now include:

StazOn Studio Glaze, DecoArt Studio Glaze, Brutus Monroe Surface Ink and Brutus Monroe Surface Sprays

Watch the video below how Dana uses Colour Box Glass Graffiti - so much fun..



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  • Fiona: April 17, 2018

    Love this idea

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