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Doodling a Face Using the Ganesh Stencil!

Posted on July 17 2018

Doodling a Face Using the Ganesh Stencil!

Doodling a Face Using the Ganesh Stencil

Do you get in a creative pattern of always starting your pieces the same way, using the same supplies and color families?  I do.
So I decided to pull out my inks and do some dripping - something I don't do too often.  I also wanted to doodle with my stencils
I had the Ganesha Deity stencil on my table.  It looks like this:  
Using my favorite black pen, I traced one of the eyes, and then repositioned the stencil to trace the other eye.  I traced the leaves at the bottom of the stencil to make the hair.  For her centerpiece, I used the 1/2 flower on Ganesha's right shoulder, and then flipped the stencil to create the rest of the flower. I freehanded the nose, mouth and chin.

I took a deep breath and sprayed ink on the top of the page and let it drip down.  I misted with water and dripped some more...
 I turned the page sideways and did more spraying and dripping.

I pulled out my Neocolor II crayons (which we used in Dina's class as well and so I was reminded to use them again), and dipped the ones I wanted to use in water.  I rubbed my brush on them to get the vibrant color I wanted, and started playing with paint.

 Sometimes we need to go a little wild before being tamed!

Look at your stencils in new ways whenever you can.  Even I find it hard to remember that this art journal page came from a stencil of an elephant god!


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