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Acetate Dragonflies with Spectrum Noir Aqua Tint Pens

Posted on June 07 2018

Acetate Dragonflies with Spectrum Noir Aqua Tint Pens

Acetate Dragonflies with Spectrum Noir Aqua Tint Pens

Acetate Dragonflies with Spectrum Noir Aqua Tint Pens

AquaTint brush pens are filled with bright water-soluble dye-based ink, dispensed through a fine nylon brush. Their colours can be applied as accurately or freely as you want, then blended out with water for an amazing result every time.They are perfect for a wide range of Mixed Media and distress background effects.

Learn a fun technique with our new AquaTint brush pens in this tutorial from design team member Jo McKelvey! She uses her AquaTint brush pens combined with an adhesive to paint on acetate for a fantastic result. This technique can be used for all sorts of papercraft and mixed media projects, as well as lovely additions to home decor!

See how she did it by following the steps below:

Acetate Dragonflies 2

Getting started

Gather the supplies needed to create this project:

  • AquaTint pens
  • acetate
  • stamps & sentiments of your choice
  • Collall Tacky Glue
  • paint brush
  • Staz-on ink (or other solvent ink)

Acetate Dragonflies 3

Painting on acetate

Step 1:
Drop a pool of Tacky Glue on to a spare piece of acetate. Drip some of the ink from an AquaTint pen directly into it.

Acetate Dragonflies 4

Step 2:
Stamp your images on the acetate. Tip: always do extras so you can use for your next project!

Flip the sheet over and paint the tacky mix on the reverse side.

Acetate Dragonflies 5

Step 3:
Repeat above step using different colours.

Leave to dry thoroughly.

Acetate Dragonflies 7

Create the background

Step 4:
Swirl the colours on the spare piece of acetate. Grab another (unused) piece and squish the two together. Peel apart and leave to dry thoroughly.

This will give you two messy backgrounds - one for this project and another for a future project!

Acetate Dragonflies 8

Finish the card

Step 6:
Once dry, stamp your chosen sentiment on the reverse of your messy acetate and position it in place on your card.

Cut out the dragonflies and bend their wings, then position them on the sides.

Step 7:
Add any other desired extras!



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  • Fiona Brown: June 12, 2018

    So beautiful .. thanks

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